Ana’s Split Pea Soup

Ana's Easy Split Pea Soup |healthooray

Before I get into this post and recipe, I wanted to say a big thank you (thank you, thank you) to everyone who has been reading my recipes and posts and for your support and love. I am completely overwhelmed by your attention so again thank you and much love and health(hooray) your way!

This soup must be our favourite soup. It is warm, satisfying, nutritious and incredibly tasty. You can count the ingredients of this soup on one hand, however the flavour profile is totally there. There are probably a million split pea soups out there, this soup is “Ana’s” because I use a specific spice mix that, after making this soup for tens of times, I found works perfectly to tickle our taste buds. Also, if you prefer cream soups, you can easily blend it all in; our household is one of chunky soups. I am not sure what that says of us, but I hope something good. Before we get to the ridiculously easy recipe, let’s talk about…

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Chickpea and Asparagus Salad With Tahini Dressing

Chickpea and Asparagus Salad With Tahini Dressing |healthooray

Spring is here! No, it’s not. Wait, snow? With -6C outside, I call it Canadian spring and that’s it. When it’s cold, but you say it’s spring outside, it’s still counts as spring, right? What I am willing to do now, as an act of shamanism, is eat all the spring foods and hope that it will smell the smell of asparagus and finally kick winter’s ass. Really, desperate measure. But, let’s cut the whining *my whining to be precise* and get to the recipe. Like all my greatest recipes, this one was created in sheer panic of hunger (of course, a first world kind of panic). There’s something about the creaminess of chickpeas paired with asparagus, cukes and a simple tahini dressing. I used watercress, but I’m sure arugula or spinach would add a different dimension to this tasty and easy salad.

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Roasted Vegetables and Mushroom Caps with White Bean Sauce

Roasted Sweet Potato, Cauliflower and Mushroom Caps with White Bean Sauce and Chives |healthooray

There’s light in the end of the winter tunnel, I tell you. Our London students are already wearing shorts and sitting on the grass. So, I can definitely confirm that spring is here. I do declare. I’m not taking off my boots anytime soon, but the spring air and the intermittent sunshine are a great welcome to this loooong winter. You see, I moved (along with my husband, of course) to London (Ontario) about 5 months ago. Our first weekend here, we were snowed in and here we are today with our spring finally digging us out. It’s great to get to know your new city during different seasons, and I can’t wait to get to know the blooming London.

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Lentil Eggplant Wraps

Lentil Eggplant Wraps with Tahini Sauce |healthooray

I came up with this recipe in a rushed way, when we had guests coming over and I found out at the last minute that one ingredient from my tried recipe was avoided by one of our dear guests. So I had to improvise and do it fast. And, surprisingly these wraps are probably one of my best recipes to date. They’re nutritious, filling, rich and good-looking (How YOU doin’?). They are also quite easy to prepare, an excellent left-over for lunch the next day or even to take on a hike/picnic/road trip. They can actually serve as breakfast wraps, lunch or dinner. Or eat half of it for a healthy snack. Lentils are gems in the food world. They are versatile, rich in nutrients, tasty and easy to prepare.

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Lemony-Dilly Brown Rice Pasta Salad

Lemony-Dilly Brown Rice Pasta Salad |healthooray

Whenever I feel like I want to feel spring-ish – I make this salad. Well, “make” is an overstatement. You basically chop up some ingredients and cook some brown rice pasta. But the flavor of this salad is amazing. It is refreshing, somehow “meaty” and incredibly “dilly”. Western people grew up with cilantro in their dishes, I grew up with dill in mines. Or parsley, but dill was a definite winner. I mean, our national dish has dill in it (aah, now I’m hungry). So, this salad really brings me home, I guess because of the dill. But the added value from broccoli, tomatoes and sunflower seeds AND dill really takes it up a notch. Before you start calling me a Dill Lady, let me really earn this title by talking about it a bit more:

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Baked Beans with Rutabaga Hash Browns

Baked Beans with Rutabaga Hash Browns |healthooray

Okay, I know spring has sprung almost everywhere and the internet is filled with pictures of flowers, fruits, spring dresses and sandals. Everyone already packed their winter coats, took out summer maxi dresses and shopped for wedges. Here in Canada though, and I bet in some US states and the North Pole – it’s still winter. Yes, it’s almost April, but de facto it’s -9C outside, no green in sight and the possibility of sandals is far fetched. Winter coats are on, along with mittens, winter boots and winter food. I did hear some birds singing today, so that’s a reminder that it’s spring…somewhere. But let’s get real here – Canadian birds are no indication of spring arrival. They are tough, people – during the winter, they don’t migrate to Florida, rather they just fly from the North of Ontario to the South; or from the frigid cold western provinces to Toronto (some birds are hipsters too). So, today I bring you a sort of winter-y recipe. A classic comfort food – baked beans with a twist of rutabaga hash browns. Healthier, lighter and more glamorous.

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Brussels Sprouts-Potato Salad with Tofu Sticks

Roasted Heirloom Potatoes with Brussels Sprouts and Tofu Sticks |healthooray

This dish was created during the only 4-5 days we have not been in the same place with my husband since we started dating. Horrible time – and Skype on the phone (Can you see me? Wave so I know you’re there. Wait, is that you there?). When I’m alone, I don’t tend to buy new produce to create something awesome, or do my weekly meal plans as I usually do. I scrape the fridge and try to finish  everything out there, before considering the option of going to a grocery store. So, on a dark, lonely night, there were three things conspiring in my fridge: Potatoes, brussels sprouts and Tofu. I have never had these three things all at once, but worlds collided and the sky opened up in tofu heaven because, to this day, this is one of my favorite recipes ever. Plus, I am a die-hard fan of brussels sprouts. Whenever we plan our weekly menu, I always slip in “maybe brussels-potato-tofu thingie?” just to see maybe I can get away with cooking it every week. So there you go, my top 5 recipe. It is simple, but the combination of the three just works. But before we get there…

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